Couple in shock after discovering secret camera in Airbnb bedroom

The Indiana couple found a hidden camera disguised as a smoke detector in the Airbnb apartment

Couple finds hidden camera in Florida Airbnb bedroom

A couple from IN, leasing an Airbnb on Longboat Key, said they saw something odd IN regards to one of the smoke indicators IN the main room. The camera was pointing right at the couple's bed.

It was supposed to be a relaxing holiday for Derek Starnes and his wife.

Starnes told local ABC station WFTS that he noticed a small black hole in the master bedroom's smoke detector.

He immediately called the police. Bob Bourque told the New York Post that authorities seized "a lot of computer storage data drives, hard drives, computers, laptops [and] SD cards".

"Who knows what it's being used for, so it's very concerning", Longboat Key Police Lt. Robert Bourque told WFLA, who said police are searching for more victims who might have been unknowingly recorded.

Homeowner Wayne Natt, who did not mention any recording devices in his Airbnb listing for a townhouse in south Florida, has been arrested and charged with one count of video voyeurism. Natt had been letting his home on Airbnb for two years. Starnes said he had more than 40 reviews on Airbnb.

A Florida man has been charged after an IN couple found a hidden camera IN his Airbnb property they were renting.

Homeowner Wayne Natt 56 has been charged with one count of video voyeurism after a couple visiting his Airbnb rental allegedly discovered a camera disguised as a smoke detector

He said: 'My wife and I are distressed by this situation. He shared a photo he took off the device, that shows him and his wife looking up at the camera - all in hopes other victims will recognize the room and come forward. After Natt's arrest police said he gave them a statement with his lawyer present.

Bourque says Natt told them everyone knew he had hidden cameras in his condo for sex parties that he threw. "He says that everyone videoed had knowledge he was videoing them", Bourque said.

However, police are skeptical about his claims: "If people are consenting to recording sexual activity, why is [the camera] in a hidden smoke alarm?" When pressed for why Natt would hide the camera in a smoke alarm if the filming was consensual, Bourque reported that Natt responded that hiding it in the ceiling "gave him a better angle".

Airbnb sent a statement saying they are "outraged" and "permanently banned" Natt from their community.

According to Airbnb representative Benjamin Breit, Airbnb has reached out to local law enforcement to help them with their investigation.

"We take privacy issues extremely seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy against this behaviour".

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