Video captures Florida doctor screaming at patient

WATCH: Florida Doctor Assaults Woman, Seizing Phone, for Recording him Throwing Mother out of Office

SEE IT: Doctor seen yelling, kicking patient out of clinic after woman complains of long wait time

"I want to go home and get in my bed-" Stipe replies before being cut off.

Jessica Stipe was recently suffering from a severe case of the flu, and had been waiting at the Gainesville medical facility for an hour and 15 minutes as her symptoms worsened. "Go to the ER and wait for nine hours". "Get the f*** out of my office", he screamed.

He opened the door while continuing to tell Stipe to leave and then noticed her daughter was recording. "We've already been working on you, we've done a urine test on you", he says.

"Ms. Stipe had been increasingly belligerent and abusive to the office staff, cursing and threatening them with violence, because she was unwell and had been waiting to see me for more than an hour", he said in the statement, adding that she got a refund but refused to leave, CBS4 reported.

The visibly annoyed doctor is then heard saying that it would take longer for her to be seen at another clinic or the emergency room.

She said she was throwing up in a trash can and she does look visibly sick in the video, so she asked for a return of her co-payment so she could come back the next day.

"You certainly don't reach into someone hand and physically remove an item then when they request it back", Stipe told Gainesville station WGFL.

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Officer Ben Tobias, a spokesman for the Gainesville Police Department, said an investigation has been launched into Gallogly's actions.

"Mom, I got it on video, it doesn't matter", the daughter said, and asked the doctor: "What's your name?"

In her Facebook post, Stipe said she talked with Gainesville police yet that they couldn't squeeze charges in light of the fact that there were no wounds. At that point, Gollogly grabs the girl's phone and walks away with it before the video ends.

Stipe's video has over 300,000 views and over 4,000 shares on Facebook as of Thursday afternoon.

A representative from Gainesville After Hours, the clinic where the confrontation happened, declined to comment to WGFL.

Dr. Gallogly released a statement Wednesday with regards to the incident as he said: "it was heavily edited and taken out of context", according to CBS.

"I went to the front desk only because after Ms. Stipe received her refund, she refused to leave the office, and continued her abusive behavior towards staff". Do you know how many people ... "I make no excuses for my unacceptable behavior", Gallogly wrote.

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