Skydiving incident, Mission Beach

Ambulance crews were called to the accident site on Alexander Drive at Mission Beach

Ambulance crews were called to the accident site on Alexander Drive at Mission Beach

Three people have died during a skydiving accident over Mission Beach, a popular backpacking area just south of Cairns in Australia.

Two men in their 30s and a woman in her 50s were located deceased at the scene.

Their bodies were found about a mile from the designated landing site.

According to skydiving company, SKYDIVE Australia, the solo diver was an experienced instructor who had completed thousands of jumps and Pike, who the company did not list by name, was jumping with a "highly experienced instructor".

Brad Turner from the Australian Parachuting Federation said an investigator from the organisation was already in Mission beach assisting with investigations.

It is believed her husband Alister, a former local councillor, and children had gifted the skydive as a 50th birthday present.

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Her body was found in a tree with the instructor while the second instructor was found nearby in a garden.

"You could see one chute was tangled and it wasn't opening", said the witness who asked not to be named.

"Important to note skydiving has been in place at Mission Beach for many years, this is worst incident in industry's history in the region". "I had my heart in my mouth", he said.

There are reports that three people have died after a skydiving accident near a beach in Brisbane.

Skydiving is a popular tourist activity in the area, with numerous backpackers who travel the Queensland coast stopping by Mission Beach.

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