Hurricane Ophelia: Sun over the Black Country and Staffordshire 'turns red'

Sun turns red, sky turns dusty - remnants of Hurricane Ophelia on the way

Hurricane Ophelia: Strange red sun snapped over Shropshire

Ophelia's odd skies in one of many very rare weather phenomenons that have occurred this 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season, including Hurricane Irma changing the color of several Caribbean Islands from satellite views and and appearing to "suck up" the ocean in spots of the Bahamas. It was packing winds of 80 miles per hour, The Sun reported.

Social media has been awash with photos of the amusing sky as well as some odd explanations.

The Met Office website says: "A red sky appears when dust and small particles are trapped in the atmosphere by high pressure".

According to the Met Office, the former hurricane dragged air and dust from southern Europe and Africa.

The dust has caused shorter wavelength blue light to be scattered, making it appear red.

Funeral services cancelled as Ophelia moves across Ireland
However, this is dependent on any fallen trees, debris or other damage being cleared from lines. A red warning - the highest possible alert - remains in the place for the entire country .

The unusual red sun has been spotted up and down the country and is creating quite a talking point.

Fears about the impact of strong winds have seen troops placed on standby and many public services in Ireland closed with schools, government buildings and courts among the services affected.

With remnants of Hurricane Ophelia set to batter parts of the United Kingdom today, all schools and colleges in Northern Ireland have been forced to close as a precaution.

Ophelia has since been downgraded to a tropical storm, Reuters reported.

"The cold front of Ophelia moved across southern Britain this morning and was very weak - this meant there was not much rain to wash the dust out".

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