Joe Maddon defends his backfired move by blasting Twitter

Joe Maddon gets tossed by umpire Mike Winters

Joe Maddon gets tossed by umpire Mike Winters

I've got to stick up for everybody that plays this game. "Warm him up, not put him in the game, and then ask him to pitch maybe two innings later, that's really not good for him".

Cubs manager Joe Maddon said Sunday he expected to be fined for his remarks after Saturday's Game 1, when he launched into a passionate attack on the rule created to eliminate collisions at home plate.

Maddon said he has no problem with the fine, which will be donated to charity.

John Lackey, who pitched 1 2/3 innings in relief, agreed. Kyle Schwarber, who's worked hard to shed his reputation as a bad defender after the 2015 NLCS, gathers himself and fires the ball to catcher Willson Contreras.

"I really hope that you all understand that social media doesn't count at all", Maddon said. "I saw Schwarber come in on a grounded ball, use his feet perfectly, make a low, great throw to the plate that could have been cut off". The play didn't result in a violent collision, nor did Contreras appear to be committing violations with any kind of hidden malice toward Culberson.

"He catches the ball and his technique was absolutely 100 percent flawless", Maddon said. It wasn't the wrong call, however much you may disagree with the rule.

"I'm not arguing against the umpires".

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"The umpires did everything according to what they've been told", added Maddon.

"I saw a great baseball play", Maddon said after the game. "The only thing I'll say about yesterday is it was a tremendous baseball play on our part".

So is your objection to the specific call, or to The Buster Posey Rule, even though it was called correctly?

You see it a lot in football where former-players on TV criticise off-side decisions or "hard-but-fair" tackles and then brush away the laws of the game as a mere technicality getting in the way of their opinion. As the ball arrived, Contreras caught the ball with his left foot in foul territory, blocking Culberson's path to the plate. "I disagree with that, so I disagree with it on both counts, Your Honor". The job of the officials is to call the game based on the rules as they are, not based on what some people think they should be.

"Joe Maddon, rightly so, is out of his mind but by the letter of the rule book you've got to give him a lane, he didn't".

Just don't expect him to look at Twitter anytime soon. Catchers started setting up well out in front of the plate, receiving the ball and then turning back to home plate and attempting a long tag.

The AL West champion Houston Astros, up 2-1 in the best of seven series, meet the wild card New York Yankees in Game 4 of Major League Baseball's American League Championship Series on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 (10/17/17) at Yankee Stadium in New York. "So I said what I thought, and I'll accept the consequences". "I would not change anything".

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