Mayim Bialik Clarifies Her Comments on Sexual Harassment After Victim-Blaming Accusations

Mayim Bialik 'shocked, disgusted,' but 'not surprised,' by Weinstein's behavior

Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik's 'mean-spirited' take on sexual assault gets attacked on Twitter

I dress modestly. I do not act flirtatiously with men as a policy, ' Bialik said.

"Well obviously it's been a very exciting and complicated handful of days".

"A bunch of people have taken my words out of the context of the Hollywood machine and twisted them to imply that God forbid I would blame a woman for her assault based on her clothing or her behaviour", she wrote on Twitter. "There is no way to avoid being the victim of assault by what you wear or the way you behave", she said in the video's opening minutes.

The bright spot in the unfolding scandal surrounding Weinstein, she said, was that "women and men are waking up to the fact that it is on us all to sound the alarm on unacceptable behavior". "If this was not the way to do it in these 900 words, I do apologize for that and I hope to be part of opening up more of this conversation".

In the Facebook Live, Bialik insisted that her takeaways from her experiences as an actress do not necessarily apply outside of the industry.

'I wasn't speaking about assault and rape in general'.

Bialik's essay, published Friday, featured a discussion of her specific experiences in Hollywood in the wake of the dozens of allegations of sexual assault made against disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

"I am entirely aware that these types of choices might feel oppressive to many young feminists", she added. "That may not be true for all women".

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"I am honored to depict a feminist who speaks her mind, who loves science and her friends and who sometimes wishes she were the hot girl" she wrote.

Her remarks were apparently only in reference to the "Hollywood culture" that she experienced first hand.

Actress Patricia Arquette - who recently detailed an uncomfortable encounter with director Oliver Stone - chimed in too, taking issue with Bialik's "dress modestly" advice. But she returned 12 years later, because she says she had no healthcare and missed "performing and making people laugh".

While Bialik considers herself a feminist, it is her narrow definition of what constitutes one that that has left many to see her as pompous and judgmental of other women. While Weinstein has denied rape allegations against him, many celebrities including Rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Minka Kelly and more have come forward with alleged personal accounts of harassment from him. "I would like to find productive ways for us to work together to find ways that we can all feel empowered and protected despite what is going on".

She went on to say that she was "deeply hurt if any woman in particular who has been assaulted or any man thinks that in any way I was victim-blaming".

"As a person who's kind of more a traditional feminist in terms of my definition, I believe that women have a unique power, all kinds of women, to help others be free from the bonds of race class and gender", she continued. That's the special uniqueness women have, the potential to bond together'.

"Your piece strongly implied that appearance and clothing cause sexual assault". I also see a... I've gotten a lot of really, really, really positive reception-which honestly I was very surprised how passionately people felt about it.

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