Pilot Pulls Risky Landing Stunt With 200 Passengers on Board

But the pilot of the Airbus A330- which was carrying 200 passengers- was allowed by traffic control to do a flyover as it was the last flight operated from the US to Germany

German pilot's final gesture could land airline in trouble

The airline will fly its final short flights later this month, but this stunt may keep them in headlines for a bit longer.

Videos of the incident show the plane appearing set down for a landing before it tilts sharply to the left and flies around the control tower. "We are taking the incident very seriously", an Air Berlin spokesman said. The stunt was pulled off by two pilots during an Air Berlin flight.

The control center gave permission for making a left turn in the case of the pilot decides to abort the landing. According to Air Berlin, the pilots have been suspended, presumably pending the outcome of the investigation. It buzzed right by the control tower.

It has been speculated by the German media that since Air Berlin filed for bankruptcy in August past year, and the airlines would cease to operate by the end of October, aborting the first landing might have been the pilot's way of saying "goobye" to his passengers. None of the 200 passengers on board complained, the company said. "Electing to do one if it is known not to be required adds an unnecessary risk", a pilot for a different airline commented.

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An airport worker told United Kingdom tabloid The Mirror she thought the plane was about to crash.

German flagship carrier Lufthansa signed a deal last week to buy large parts of Air Berlin for 210 million euros (£187.2 million).

People in the tower can be heard clapping when the aircraft arrives, and the captain explains, in German, that Air Berlin will "cease its long-distance flights tomorrow".

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