Petitions turned in calling for Snyder to remove Col. Etue from job

MSP director to work 5 days without pay for inappropriate social media post

Michigan State Police director gets 5-day pay suspension after 'degenerates' post

Colonel Etue has made her decision.

An envelope with petitions bearing the signatures of 4000 people in MI, all wanting State Police director Colonel Kriste Kibbey Etue to be removed from her position, was turned in to Governor Snyder's office today.

Now, amidst calls for Etue's resignation from the Legislative Black Caucus, the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, the Detroit branch of the NAACP among others, the Michigan Police Department is suspending her for five days without pay.

Voters Jones has spoken with overwhelmingly believe that "if the National Football League players have the First Amendment right to take a knee, then certainly Col. Etue has the right on her own personal Facebook page to express disagreement", Jones said. "I hope we can come together... and find common ground, rather than rehash past mistakes".

In the post, she referred to them as "millionaire ingrates who hate America and disrespect our armed forces and veterans" and "a bunch of rich, entitled, arrogant, ungrateful, anti-American degenerates".

She has apologized, especially to black lawmakers, but hasn't publicly explained why she shared it.

Jemele Hill to TMZ: Suspension was 'deserved'
I deserved the suspension. "I know it's great conjecture to think about what might happen but we're fine". Hill received a two-week suspension for violating the company's social media policy.

Snyder already had said he wasn't going to fire Etue, who is white. They're also demanding justice for a black teen who died in August after crashing his ATV when he allegedly was tasered by a Michigan State Trooper in Detroit.

Talk about a change in the culture of state government overall is merely window-dressing, Reed said, because the environment fostered by MSP leadership allowed the August 26 crash death that resulted from the MSP Taser shooting, he said.

The penalty was disclosed in the second of two statements released by Snyder, who also announced a strategy to "review the culture of state government". The trooper has resigned and is the subject of a criminal investigation.

The governor said a group will recommend policies on the private use of social media by state employees.

Denzel McCampbell is with the liberal group Progress Michigan.

The governor continues to resist calls for her to step down.

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