Restaurant Admits It Gets Its Chicken From Popeyes

Really? California Restaurant Caught Reselling Popeyes Fried Chicken?

A Popular Restaurant Is Catching Heat For Buying Chicken From Popeyes

I ordered the Chicken and Waffles to see whether or not they were serving Popeyes to their customers.

Sanchez says she has never kept it a secret that she uses Popeyes. A restaurant owner in Long Beach, Calif., has come under fire for apparently re-serving Popeye's chicken. For now, she said, waiters are telling customers who order fried chicken that it isn't fried in-house, so they can choose something else if they want. "It's not on my menu as Popeyes chicken because I can't get the approval from Popeyes". "You do this for coffee. why not for Popeyes chicken?"

Kimberly Sanchez is now getting backlash after a customer noticed Popeyes boxes in the kitchen and gave Sweet Dixie a bad review on Yelp.

"We never tried to hide it, which is why I walk through front door with it", Sanchez said. "I'm in tears at my house, like inconsolable", she said. "I did something I thought was the best product I could bring in anywhere, anywhere". Because that's how the chicken works too. "When people order it, I tell them".

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The owner of Sweet Dixie made a statement on Facebook (because that's the ideal place to make a statement in 2017, right?) after getting called out, not to apologize but to throw other businesses under the bus claiming it too sells pre-made products! "I outsource very few items", the post continues. Outsourcing is when a restaurant brings in a fully cooked or ready made product which if you count all the frozen things Sysco provides to pop in an oven and serve, is alot.

We use a ready made chicken - and always have - even before we chose to go with a certain chain as opposed to a food distributor brand fried chicken.

"We will continue our business the same way we have always done- honest that we make almost all from scratch, saying what we do make from scratch, and when we can't, we will use the second best thing available to us".

"We've always let it be known that we serve Popeyes", supervisor Devon Lee told HuffPost, saying the fast food chain's name doesn't appear on Sweet Dixie's menu because of copyright laws.

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