GameStop to Offer Unlimited Pre-Owned Game Rentals

GameStop Confirms Game Rental Program is Real

GameStop Offering Unlimited 6-Month Access To Preowned Games

There's no limit on the number of games you can play during the six months, though you can only be renting one at a time.

A rental subscription allows GameStop to offset its troves of pre-owmed game inventory while getting revenue from subscriptions. You'll take one pre-owned game home, play it as much (or as little) as you like, then swap it for another.

The shift to a digital marketplace hasn't been too kind to GameStop, so now the brick-and-mortar video game outlet is attempting to focus on rentals in addition to its usual sales of new and used boxed games. It appears to be from the newest issue of Game Informer (which is published by GameStop). The basic, free membership should be adequate for taking advantage of Power Pass, but you can get extra benefits for either $14.99 or $29.99 per year.

It's a solid deal, but the best part might be that when the six months are up, you get to choose a preowned game to keep. Subscribers can check out one game for as long as they want, and when they're done they can bring it back to check out something else.

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In implementation, through, GameStop's service is a bit more like that of GameFly, the internet-based physical game rental service that's been around since 2002.

Looking closer at the fine print, the only catches are that you need to be a member of GameStop's PowerUp Rewards program to sign up, and that you'll be limited to whatever used games are available at your local GameStop.

Whether or not GameStop would be able to draw more customers this way would only be known after the service goes Live in November.

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