Weinstein 'offered $1m' silence money to Rose McGowan

Harvey Weinstein's abysmal behavior is just the tip

Sopranos' Annabella Sciorra Says Harvey Weinstein Raped Her After Barging Into Her House

Actress Rose Mcgowan allegedly turned down a $1 million payday from Harvey Weinstein in exchange for her silence years after he sexually assaulted her.

The paper also reported the producer reached a financial settlement with a dancer in the 2000s over an incident during filming on Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

Dozens of women, including actresses Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment, while several others have accused the Oscar victor of raping them. She said she told Ben Affleck and Messick about what had happened.

A Weinstein spokeswoman, Sallie Hofmeister, said that "Mr. Weinstein unequivocally denies any allegations of nonconsensual sex".

The list consists of a number of women who were already included in The New York Times and The New Yorker's coverage of the scandal, like Rose McGowan, Mira Sorvino, Laura O'Connor, Zelda Perkins and Lucia Evans, as well as others who came forward following the release of the initial reports, including Angelina Jolie, Cara Delevingne, Kate Beckinsale, Annabella Sciorra, Juliana de Paula, Trish Goff, Lupita Nyong'o, Lauren Sivan, Minka Kelly, Angie Everhart and Daryl Hannah. She says that he claimed that the hotel made a mistake with the reservations so they would have to share a room.

She said she met Weinstein at an old building in New York City, and that after attempting to kiss her in an elevator, he forced her to perform oral sex on him in a hallway.

Harvey Weinstein has been banned for life from the producers guild.

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However, the decision to conclude the show was made several months ago, according to an anonymous source. "Nobody would have believed me", she said.

In a similar scenario, Dorn tried to tell friends of Weinstein's harassment of her and they shrugged it off as if it was simply a "rite of passage" in the entertainment industry, the actress alleged. She alleges that he grabbed and groped her as he said goodbye to her. She was referred to a lawyer specializing in sexual-harassment and assault cases who, McGowan said, gave her the impression that filing a criminal charge was hopeless. Matthau claimed he pinned her down on his bed and masturbated. After multiple attempts to secure a private meeting with her, Weinstein ultimately convinced her to get in a vehicle with him.

Obviously this goes without saying, but that't cuddling.

Back home in Hollywood, Matthau enlisted powerhouse Hollywood attorney from Gloria Allred's firm.

Weinstein wouldn't take no for an answer. "It's not like we're having sex, '" she said. She responded by asking for $6 million, part counteroffer, part slow torture of her former tormentor, she said.

McGowan claimed she sat at the far end of a couch as Weinstein sat in a separate chair during a brief business meeting.

Matthau said she ultimately felt compelled to break her confidentiality clause despite the risk of possible legal damages.

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