1-year-old is lone survivor of auto crash that killed four

Four people were killed in a crash on I-94 near Detroit Monday Nov. 13 2017

Four people were killed in a crash on I-94 near Detroit Monday Nov. 13 2017

About 1 a.m.an SUV traveling with five people inside crashed after losing control under the 8 Mile Road overpass - killing all but one person inside reports WWJ's Charlie Langton. "My father and I stopped to see if everybody was okay but I was going back down towards the vehicle I seen the two bodies and I had to go stop traffic because if I didn't stop traffic it wouldn't been another awful sight", a witness to the crash told FOX 2 Detroit.

A woman who lives in the area told Local 4 that crashes are commonplace on this stretch of I-94.

A 2-year-old boy was seen walking away from the wreck with firefighters, Local 4 Detroit reported.

Speed and wet weather may have played a role in this deadly crash, but it remains under investigation. The AP and Free-Press report the Buick SUV was driving at high speeds in Harper Woods when the driver tried to pass another vehicle, lost control, careened across the lanes, and ended up striking a bridge.

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Rodgers, front-seat passenger, Alesia Maddox, and rear seat passengers, Armonie Maddox and Ervin Johnson, were not wearing seatbelts and died instantly, police said.

The adults all were between 18 and 25 years old.

Police say the tyke additionally was in the SUV and had minor wounds. "It always seems it's either right before the bridge over here, or right here", she said.

"Car just flew past us, doing 80". "The other issue is that onramp right there, people don't merge well".

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