Taylor Swift Performs 'New Year's Day' on 'Tonight Show'

Working Joe Jimmy Fallon was seen heading back to work on The Tonight Show following a week long hiatus after the passing of his mom Gloria on November 4

Jimmy Fallon Returns to 'Tonight Show' With Tearful Tribute to Late Mother

Swifties were treated today to a special performance by Taylor Swift who made an unannounced appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

If you were wondering why you hadn't seen much of Jimmy Fallon on your timeline in the past week, it's because the late night host cancelled the week's show following the passing of his mother, Gloria.

Tonight Show writer and producer Mike DiCenzo shared some background about Swift's last-minute performance and thanked the singer for her thoughtfulness.

"She was the best audience, she was the one I was always trying to make laugh", Fallon said.

During his tribute, Fallon recalled how his mother would squeeze his hand three times to signify "I love you". "We would hold hands, you know".

He finished by addressing his mother: "Mom, I'll never stop trying to make you laugh".

A choked-up Fallon, himself, delivered an on-air memorial to his mother, remembering the glorious life of Gloria.

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Gloria's advice? "Wash your hands after being near that Paris Hilton", she joked on the show.

Fallon ended the monologue by squeezing his hand in the air three times and saying, "I love you". "She said yes with zero hesitation", DiCenzo wrote.

Later in the song, Swift sang another line that struck a chord: "Hold on to your memories, they will hold on to you".

First, a quick word about Taylor Swift.

Near the end of the show, Swift performed "New Year's Day". "I think there was like a thing where everyone wanted to be a nun".

"I feel so grateful to be able to do this every single night, and I'm very appreciative of all the support from all of you that my family received over the past week". He was clearly emotional when sharing the story and talking about what his mother meant to him.

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