AFFLECK & ABRAMS Unites New All-Star Super-Team with ANISTON, SHAQ, More

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Read Larry David Wreaks Hilarious Havoc on His Interview With Matt Lauer

Affleck will be making his next appearance as Batman in the upcoming Justice League film.

Ben Affleck and J.J. Abrams added a star-studded trailer for a spoof superhero film to the list of surprises they gave Jimmy Kimmel Monday night to celebrate his 50th birthday.

The cast of this jokey trailer is one that any film would be proud to have.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Affleck revealed that he and Damon used to audition for a lot of the same roles back when they had the same agent.

Yes, that's Affleck with Matt Damon, Jennifer Aniston, Zack Galifianakis, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Jon Hamm, Shaq, Ty Burrell, Billy Crudup, Jake Tapper, Wanda Sykes, and Cousin Sal.

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The Abrams-directed spoof centers around a series of comic book characters that the late-night host created as a child, titled The Terrific Ten. Clearly, all three of these "white guys with beards" had a great old laugh in this segment of the show. Kimmel quickly remembered all the characters' names, which include Muscle Man, Color Kid, Lucky Lad and Super Duck (an unashamed rip-off of Marvel's Howard the Duck).

And of course, no team is complete without a villain to face off against.

Seeing some of Hollywood's most popular celebrities bringing to life a story you dreamt up as a kid has got to be one of the most awesome things ever.

"We all suck", Damon, as Dr. Bolt, says. "So we both auditioned for Robin, and we were both pretty sure we got the part", Affleck said. We go down there, and when we get into the room they tell us, 'We didn't want anyone to know about this and you need to keep it secret, but this is actually an audition for...

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