Alibaba Owned UC Browser Disappears From Google's PlayStore Following Privacy Concerns

Top Before updateBelow After update

Top Before updateBelow After update

There have been no announcements done on the subject either from Google or UC Web.

The browser, however, so far is still available for download on Apple's App Store. Earlier this year, a lab in Hyderabad called the Centre for Development and Advanced Training (C-DAC) was looking into how the browser was sending data including location data to remote servers in China. Also a Twitter user named Mike Ross, who works with UC Browser posted a tweet explaining the app was taken down for a similar reason. The Alibaba-owned mobile browser, which garnered more than 500 million downloads last month and has over 100 million users in India, is no longer visible on search - though other UCWeb applications - UC Browser Mini and UC News - still are.

This is great for Android fans since it gives them a wider range of options to choose from when it comes to mobile browsers.

An email, recently received by Android Police's Artem Russakovskii from the parent company UC Union, also supports the same theory.

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It should be noted that - it has already been a couple of hours that UC Browser has disappeared from the Play store and there's still no official statement from UC Web or Google regarding the delisting.

According to a report on Android Central, the reason for the takedown could be "malicious redirect ads served up by UC Web's affiliates to inflate installs". So, chances are that the removal of the UC Browser from Play store is a temporary one and Google should bring back app soon enough. The report said that people had complained that the browser was controlling the device's DNS even after uninstallation.

A top official in the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in August said that the brand if found guilty of stealing data, the company may be banned in the country. And, most probably, that's what the government has done by de-listing the application from Google play store.

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