Android fragmentation reaches a breaking point: 1 billion Android devices are outdated

Android 8.1 Oreo will free up space by shrinking apps you don't use

Android distribution numbers for November show almost no change for Oreo

Nougat has gotten a nice boost from 17.8% to 20.6%, marking over a fifth of all Android devices accessing Google Play Services running a fairly recent version of Android.

Are you fed up of waiting for new Android versions?

Each month Google publishes a chart that offers us an overall image over the various versions of Android and how are they distributed among users.

Android and Apple fans can argue endlessly about who stole what and which phones are better, but there is at least one area where Android has consistently failed to keep up with its biggest rival: fragmentation. And since the analysis looked at market share, that portion of devices running outdated Android - between the 80th to 100th percentile mark on his graph - is also now much larger in absolute terms. As last generation flagships start receiving Oreo updates, Nougat's momentum should peter out somewhat in the next couple of months.

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"At this point, we should expect that there are more than one billion devices that are two years out of date!" The company's latest mobile operating system, Android Oreo, which was rolled out in August, has made a minimal rise of 0.3 percent.

The Android distribution numbers are in for November, and Oreo is up to 0.3%. This feature is activated when a device runs low on storage space, and this is how it works - after a length of time specified by Android, applications that haven't been used in a while are marked as inactive.

To put that into perspective, over 50% of all iOS devices have already been updated to iOS 11 less than two months after launch.

There's another good reason to pick up an Essential Phone, with the company releasing its Android Oreo beta today.

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