IPhone X Face ID Fooled with a $150 Mask

This 10-year-old child can fool Face ID of her mother's iPhone X

10-year-old boy unlocks mom's Apple iPhone X using Face ID

Did you manage to beat iPhone X Face ID? Apple says that the statistical probability might not be applicable in the case of twins or siblings which have a lot in common regarding facial appearance. As their distinct facial features may not have fully developed, so they might unlock your phone easily. Thats what the Malik family found out when 10-year old Ammar unlocked his moms iPhone with no issues at all.

Attuallah Malik and Sana Sherwani discovered this when their fifth-grade son Ammar Malik simply picked up his mother's new iPhone X without her permission and shocked her by unlocking the device with his first glance. He doesn't fall under the "twins" exception and has a big age difference compared to my wife. His face is smaller than my wife's face and the geometry of their faces don't match, at least to human eyes. Apple's Face ID uses the TrueDepth camera and machine learning for a secure authentication solution, but if this couldn't help users and such cases appear frequently then the company is close to facing a disaster. If the failed scan passed a certain threshold of resemblance, and the passcode is inputted correctly thereafter, Face ID takes another scan to correct its model in the attempt to be more accurate in the future.

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"It was amusing at first", Malik's father told Wired. It was not for this objective that Apple designed and integrated this feature in their latest iPhone X, which is also the USP of this device apart from full screen display and other wonderful features.

Providing a proof about this lag in iPhone X, in a video shared by the family on YouTube, they said, "We are seeing a flood of videos on YouTube from iPhone users who have gotten their hands on the new iPhone X and are trying to trick the Face ID". But the researchers' team at security firm Bkav allegedly proved that assurance wrong through a mask that cost $150 (approximately Rs. 9,800) to make.

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