Mass. had highest rate of reported hate crimes previous year

Crime Graphic

Crime Graphic

Among hate crimes involving religion, the report said 54 percent were anti-Jewish, while 25 percent were anti-Muslim. This was a more than19% rise from the previous year.

The FBI has reported an increase in hate crimes in the United States for a second consecutive year, with Hindus and Sikhs among those targeted in the more than 6,000 incidents of crimes motivated by biases towards religions, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Fifteen of the hate crimes committed in San Leandro past year were racially motivated. Of the offenses reported, 47 targeted those with mental disabilities while 29 related to physical disabilities. According to the state, most Vermont law enforcement agencies participate. "Hate crimes demand priority attention due to their special impact". The exact number of offenses were 381-the highest level of reported hate crimes against Muslims in the US since 9/11.

Muslims and Jews were the most common targets in the USA, with anti-Muslim bias making up the second highest religious bias at 25 percent behind anti-Jewish bias, which accounted for about 55 percent, making Jews the most targeted group in the U.S. In 2015 and 2016, that number was driven by crimes against people due to their race or ethnicity. This information is upsetting, but not entirely surprising at the heels of last year's tense presidential election and the ever-increasing intolerance perpetrated by its victor.

Texas reported 178 total hate crimes in 2016.

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Of the 7,615 overall hate crime victims in 2016, 4,720 of them were against people. "Police departments that do not report credible data to the Federal Bureau of Investigation risk sending the message that this is not a priority issue for them, which may threaten community trust in their ability and readiness to address hate violence".

Black Americans were targeted in about half the 3,489 incidents based on race, ethnicity or ancestry, the report said, followed by whites who were targeted in 720. HRC continues to press for improved reporting, passage of state laws that protect LGBTQ individuals from hate crimes, and expanded education and training initiatives.

The FBI's full 2016 hate crimes report can be accessed here.

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