Old £10 note to disappear next year

Bank Of England Unveils Jane Austen Ten Pound Note

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The Bank of England warns if you still have any old £10 notes with Charles Darwin, better spend them before 1 March next year, otherwise, it'll transform into the souvenir.

A spokesperson for the Royal Bank of Scotland said: "The intention is that the Scottish note issuing banks, Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland, will withdraw their paper £10 notes at the same time as Bank of England on 1 March 2018".

The Bank introduced the paper £10 note featuring Charles Darwin in 2000, and it rolled out the new Jane Austen notes in September.

The central bank has pushed for the adoption of polymer notes, arguing they are more durable than paper notes and are harder to counterfeit. In fact, the new note has already entered circulation in September.

A new £20 note featuring artist J.M.W Turner will follow in 2020.

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The Bank of England has highlighted that it will continue to exchange them after the cut-off date.

The note, which is slightly smaller than its paper predecessor, includes a series of raised dots in the top left-hand corner to help visually-impaired users to identify the denomination of the note.

The new plastic notes are considered tear-proof, waterproof and expected to last around five years.

The old style £5 note went out of circulation in May, and the old round pound coin has now been replaced with the new 12-sided version.

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