'We Will Do This Together': Walmart Cashier Helps Flustered Customer

SWEET: Cashier Helps Man Count Change at Walmart

Heartwarming post tells story of Walmart cashier who helped nervous man count change

An interaction between an elderly customer and Wal-Mart cashier in MS is going viral on social media, spreading a message of love and patience.

His hands and voice were shaking, and that's when the cashier literally took matters into her hands. She says the man's items had been scanned and he had been given his total when he "look [ed] apologetically" back at her and started taking out handfuls of change. When he finally pulled it all out, he miscounted and became frustrated.

A Walmart customer said her "heart was warmed" during a recent visit.

The patient cashier intervened and said, "This is not a problem, honey. We will do this together", according to the post.

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"I want to be more like her", Bowlin says.

The cashier took the man's money and began helping him. She responded, "You shouldn't have to thank me, baby". He then whispered "I'm so sorry" to the other customers waiting in line as he recounted the mound of coins. "What's wrong with our world is we've forgotten how to love one another, '" the post reads.

After the gentleman had left, Bowlin thanked the cashier for her patience and kindness.

Bowlin posted the picture with the story on Thursday, and it has gotten over 20,400 shares.

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