Video shows a suspect in the serial killings that are shaking Tampa

Tampa serial killer

Police in Florida have more than doubled their reward in the hunt for a possible serial killer

Tampa police released new video on Wednesday of a suspect in the recent Seminole Heights murders.

The figure on both videos matched witness descriptions of a black male, 6 feet to 6-foot-2, with a thin build and light complexion.

The surveillance video, which was recorded moments before the November 14 murder of 60-year-old Ronald Felton, shows an individual with the same "gait and walk" as the person shown in footage taken before the October 9 murder of Benjamin Mitchell.

Dugan said that person in the videos may not have committed the murders, but added: "If they didn't do it, they know something".

According to investigators, the Seminole Heights killer is seen in the video just before Ronald Felton, victim number four, is murdered.

A reward for information leading to the killer's arrest has increased to $91,000.

Felton was on the way to church just before 5 a.m. Tuesday morning at 5100 North Nebraska Ave.

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The suspect is striking "under the cover of darkness" against people who are alone and "probably preoccupied", Dugan said. "We don't need speculation".

Tampa Police confirmed a fourth deadly shooting in Seminole Heights which they are treating as linked to three previous unsolved murders in the area since October.

"Someone has to know who this individual is", he said, citing the suspect's "unique walk" and "unique posture". Two days later, 32-year-old Monica Hoffa, was slain. Police said Naiboa's parents anxious because he was autistic, and had not yet made it home after taking the bus.

Dugan said he believes the community has rallied together and "given a strong message to whoever is doing this", citing the weekslong gap between Naiboa's and Felton's deaths.

Tampa Police Department Interim Police Chief Brian Dugan said the person seen two surveillance videos is now considered a suspect.

"If you own a gun and it's in your home, I want you to go to your gun and find out if it's still there", he said.

"We don't want people to feel unsafe outside right now because of the challenges in Seminole Heights", said Capt. Andy Miller.

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