Former Hillary Clinton Aide Blasts Gillibrand Over Bill Clinton Comments

Trump takes criticism of Hillary Clinton to all-time high after she questions legitimacy of election

Hillary Clinton Questions the Legitimacy of Trump's Election

A former top adviser in the Clinton camp blasted Sen. "Nothing was stopping her".

Once a fierce proponent of the Clintons, Senator Gillibrand did an about-face this week by declaring that "Bill Clinton should have resigned during the Monica Lewinsky scandal".

Bill Clinton engaged in a sexual relationship with Lewinsky, who was 22 at the time, between 1995 and 1996.

"Yes, I think that is the appropriate response". Reines is not exactly known for understating things, but his guns-a-blazing response to Gillibrand's comments is in one way completely understandable.

On Thursday, when asked if Clinton should have stepped down nearly two decades ago, she replied, "Yes, I think that is the appropriate response".

Ms. Gillibrand, who has longstanding ties to the Clintons, is the highest-profile elected Democratic official to say that Mr. Clinton should have stepped down as a result of his affair.

Trump delays policy on importing elephant parts
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In her further discussion of the issue with the Times, Gillibrand suggested she believes President Clinton occupied the White House in a different era - but was clear that a boss having a sexual relationship with an intern would be viewed as a fireable offense today.

Roy S. Moore, the Republican candidate for Senate in Alabama, has been accused of sexual misconduct with teenage girls, and lawmakers have testified that sexual harassers remain in their ranks. Yet she also pointed to a need to treat the behavior of our current president differently, saying, "I think in light of this conversation, we should have a very different conversation about President Trump, and a very different conversation about allegations against him".

Trump, meanwhile, has been accused by as many as 16 women of sexual assault. For someone who has been so closely intertwined with the Clintons throughout her political career, it was an extraordinary statement. The journalist, Leeann Tweeden, also published a picture of the groping.

Gillibrand, though told MSNBC that Reines' complaints that she is a hypocrite were "ridiculous" and "wrong".

But Gillibrand, who has been called fearless for her thoughtless remarks, would have made ideal sense if she was even bolder and called for a reconsideration of the matter of whether Bill Clinton did engage in criminal offenses: the possible rape of Juanita Broaddrick and sexual assaults of Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones.

In mid-October, well before Gillibrand spoke, a long and measured article in Jacobin considered the double-standard that allowed Bill Clinton to go unscathed by Democrats. Reines tweeted hours after the New York Times broke news of Gillibrand's comments. If those Democrats are 2020 hopefuls, they'll be wary of letting Gillibrand keep the spotlight on this issue.

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