Sessions jokes about Russian meetings in speech to lawyers

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Just Joked About His Russia Connections

'Any Russians' in the Room? Jeff Sessions Cracks a Joke About Russian Collusion

Speaking at the Federalist Society's annual conference in Washington Friday, Sessions said the Justice Department will no longer issue guidance that "purports to impose new obligations on any party outside the executive branch".

Standing before a friendly audience of conservative lawyers Friday afternoon at the Mayflower Hotel, Attorney General Jeff Sessions addressed the elephant in the room.

He thanked the applauding crowd for welcoming him.

"Before I get started here", Sessions quipped.

"Is Ambassador Kislyak in the room", Sessions said Friday, referring to the former Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. As the laughs grew louder, he continued: "Anybody been to Russian Federation? Got a cousin in Russian Federation or something?" Kislyak was widely believed a top spy recruiter.

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Sessions denied having lied to Congress over the meetings, repeating more than 20 times "I don't recall" or "I don't remember" to their questions.

But it wasn't amusing to Sessions on Tuesday when Democratic lawmakers accused him in a Congressional hearing of hiding suspicious ties between President Donald Trump's election campaign and Moscow.

Sessions later recused himself from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian interference in the US election.

On CNN earlier tonight, Wolf Blitzer played the clip and asked, "Was that appropriate?"

"That is exactly the opposite answer you gave under oath to the U.S. Senate", said Rep. Ted Lieu, California Democrat, "Either you're lying to the U.S. Senate or you're lying to the U.S. House of Representatives".

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