Google, Facebook, Other Tech Titans Join 'Trust Project' To Fight Fake News

Facebook, Google, publishers fight fake news with 'trust indicators'

Google, Facebook, Other Tech Titans Join 'Trust Project' To Fight Fake News

Facebook is launching a feature that will try to help users decide what news articles on its platforms are legitimate, the company announced Thursday.

Above is how this will function in rehearsal: starting presently on Facebook, an emblem will pop up next to editorials in the News Feed.

The Trust Project, an global consortium of more than 75 news organisations who are collaborating to increase transparency in journalism, has released the Trust Indicators, a set of standardised disclosures aimed at providing clarity on a publication's standards, work process and its journalists' backgrounds.

"In today's digitized and socially networked world, it's harder than ever to tell what's accurate reporting, advertising, or even misinformation", Sally Lehrman, the journalist who heads the Trust Project, said in a statement.

When you click on the icon, you can read information on the organisations' ethics and other standards, the journalists' backgrounds, and how they do their work.

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More than 75 major news outlets have agreed to use Trust Indicators on their content in a bid to stem the tide of fake news., Google, Twitter and Bing will display the indicators on their sites as part of a partnership with The Trust Project, which aims to promote authentic fact-based journalism.

What these Trust Indicators will do is quite simple to understand. A wordpress plugin will also be available for the qualified publishers.

The indicators will appear on publishers' pages and will also be highlighted on tech platforms such as Google, Facebook and Twitter through code on the publishers' websites. "The Trust Indicators put tools into people's hands, giving them the means to assess whether news comes from a credible source they can depend on".

"An increasingly sceptical public wants to know the expertise, enterprise and ethics behind a news story". This project brings together a series of journalists and news organizations who work together to combat fake news and bring back people's hope in press.

"At a time when the public's trust in news is declining in much of the world, the news industry is launching a new set of transparency standards that help people easily assess the quality and reliability of journalism", the Trust Project said in a November 16 statement. The indicators include a best practices indicator describing a publisher's ethics, accuracy, sourcing and other standards; an author expertise indicator; and a type of content indicator to distinguish news, analysis, opinion and other content.

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