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Remember the wrestling task between Hina and Arshi Khan and how the former tried her best to get the host Salman Khan on her side? A tearful Hina says that Arshi is trying to show her down by saying all wrong things about her. Priyank also starts fighting with Arshi and supports Hina. Hina Khan too breaks down over Arshi's false comments on her. Vikas Gupta and other housemates try to sort the issue but nothing works out. While Vikas Gupta's team, who was also Arshi Khan's family during the task comprised of Shilpa Shinde and Puneesh Sharma. Here's a sample of the Internet's fury.

While the whole house tried to solve the matter, Arshi and Hina again got into a heated argument. Hina's team completely battles on the basis of Arshi's character.

Hina was earlier trolled for her rude behaviour towards ex-Bigg Boss contestant Dhinchak Pooja and her overdramatic attitude when she sacrificed her soft toy pooh for friend Luv Tyagi.

No matter whatever happen in the house, one contestant Hina Khan will smoothly pass away the nomination process, this is what Hina Khan thinks about herself. To which, Hina replied saying that it is not her fault and that she should question others about the same.

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Shilpa says that they are not Hina's servants that they will wait for her. Vikas accused his opposing counsel Hina of causing the current tensions.

This situation of Sapna has irked the Bigg Boss fans and they have slammed her on social media. Within the house, the video jockey was constantly at loggerheads with Akash, but managed to find a new friendship in Hina. What she said about south Indian actors is a case in point. While screaming at the top of her voice, she even tears her slit cut dress.

While we wait to know which team will win the task, we bring a preview of tomorrow's episode. Arshi also does that she will keep tearing her clothes and that Priyank's father has not bought clothes for her. On a scale of 5, Ben said she would give herself a 3.5 as a Bigg Boss 11 contestant and if she would have gone ahead she would definitely reach 4. Each contestants face was kept in the garden area. Hiten and Shilpa are against making Akash the captain of the house.

Puneesh Sharma sprays on Akash Dadlani's photo and this leaves him angry to no extent. He also says that Puneesh is dead for me after he cheats him.

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