Christmas tree cutting permits available

The Allen County Museum’s Christmas Tree Festival will begin Wednesday. The Lima News file

The Allen County Museum’s Christmas Tree Festival will begin Wednesday. The Lima News file

Red and lime green has been hot for the last five years or so, and burlap is big this year, Cherri said, but a lot of people still go with the traditional red and gold.

Bluebird Christmas Tree Farm is open Thursday through Sunday from 8 8 p.m.

Tony Smith with Colorado Native Christmas trees says, "if you have an artificial tree you're having an artificial Christmas".

The National Christmas Tree Association says less trees were planted during the Great Recession. Selling a tree cut under a Christmas tree permit, or cutting a tree in an unauthorized area, is illegal.

There no charge for the permit, but people who obtain one must be 19-years-old, carry the permit at all times, read and understand the conditions of the permit prior to signing and produce the permit at the request of a natural resource officer, a conservation officer or a peace officer.

Make sure that when you pick out a tree, you know the weight and height and have a tree stand that coincides with the measurements.

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"That's really the only live Christmas tree at the museum".

Choose a tree that can be cut near the base and is easy to transport. "The other one is put miracle grow that's for evergreen trees and you just do that once then you just keep it watered".

Anthony Grubbs said he and his family lucked out finding a tree on Thanksgiving: "Everywhere else they have been dingy looking". The needles should be fresh and flexible, and should not come off if you run your hand over a branch.

And if the tree is not very heavy, it may be due to a lack of water and sap which is no good.

If you want to make a Christmas tree last longer, just use plain water. Place the tree in a location away from any drafts and heat sources such as fireplaces and heater vents. We don't have to sell them on the idea of getting a tree.

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