NVIDIA Shield Will Bring Nintendo Wii And GameCube Games To China

New Super Mario Bros. Android Wii

Nintendo Is Bringing Wii Games To Nvidia Shield In China

The games are from the Wii and the GameCube eras and include New Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Punch-Out. Another Nintendo title coming soon for the Shield TV is Super Mario Galaxy.

It's not yet known what Nintendo's plans are for backwards compatibility on the Switch. It's only in China, where Shield TV is launching for the first time, but it's an official tie-up between Nvidia and Nintendo, which could offer some hope, however narrow, that this could make its way to other Shield hardware around the world. And the gaming-focused device will come with remastered versions of Nintendo titles from the earlier Wii and GameCube platforms. The Shield TV itself costs 1499 yuan, or about $225.

What is unclear for now is how far this deal between Nintendo and Nvidia extends in terms of future title announcements and markets beyond China.

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Nintendo and NVIDIA have previously worked together on the popular Nintendo Switch console, which uses NVIDIA's Tegra chip. This, then, is a significant step into Chinese living rooms for Nintendo.

Since China doesn't allow Google services, Nvidia's machine will have streaming, store, and smart assistant features that come from local Chinese partners.

The NVIDIA Shield TV is now the best way to experience Android TV.

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