Christmas tree trends: What's popular and how local growers plan for it

Christmas Tree Sellout in WNC?

National Christmas Tree Shortage Hits the Four States

Shawn Lane and his father-in-law Steve Bell have been selling Christmas trees at their business, Christmas Traditions, for 16 years.

Christmas trees aren't the only thing local farms still have to offer.

"Real" trees, especially, are going up in price and are less popular than decades ago.

If you don't own your yard, or don't have a location suitable for planting a living Christmas tree, you can still buy and enjoy one during the holidays if your friends, family, or community organization has a place to plant it afterward and will accept your donation. "It is the depth of color of real trees and the smell that really appeals to people, as well as the notion that something alive is coming indoors". Overwatering can also damage floors or carpets, or at least require frequent mopping or steam cleaning.

Both Wessels' and Haseman's lots will remain open until they sell out of trees, usually a few days before Christmas.

Each year about 25 to 30 million real trees are sold in the USA, according to the National Christmas Tree Association.

AAA also says two-thirds of debris-related crashes are because of improperly secured items falling from a vehicle. "They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen". In addition to that, the trees can be a hazard for other drivers. He also has seen an increase of customers after tree farms in OR and Downers Grove closed. More consumers are choosing fake trees, which are often imported from China, or skipping the tree altogether. Always have the seller slice off an inch or two off the bottom right before you take it home to add the fresh cut effect.

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Andy Johnson, who owns and operates Bridgestone Christmas Trees with his family, tends to the trees he bought from MI. Remember that a living Christmas tree is much heavier than a cut tree, and that although some people may be able to afford, display, and plant a rather large tree, buying a smaller one allows for more choices of location in the home, and makes it a lot easier to move around and eventually plant outdoors.

A video recently produced by the NFPA shows the difference between a well-watered tree and a dry one.

Note, though, if you're not going to recycle your tree, the fact that it could be recycled doesn't count as a plus.

"This year, there was an increase in price from the growers, so we made a slight increase to accommodate that", said Tina Callas, with Tina's Trees in California.

In addition to growing his own trees, Bob Faivre, owner of Camelot Christmas Tree Farm in DeKalb, receives pre-cut trees from MI, where tree numbers are down mostly because of drought issues. For keeping a potted Christmas tree year-round, move it to a more permanent location with plenty of sun after the transition, where it can also benefit from a heavy mulch.

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