Femme Fatale of Britain's Profumo Affair Dies at the Age of 75

John Profumo

Christine Keeler, former model at heart of Profumo affair, dies at 75

M - Christine Keeler, the woman at the centre of a 1960s love triangle between a minister and Soviet naval attache that produced Britain's biggest political sex scandal, has died at the age of 75, Reuters reported.

Seymour Platt, who lives in Stonepark, spoke of his loss in the wake of his mother's passing on Monday at the Princess Royal university hospital in Farnborough.

Keeler, then a teenage model and showgirl, became famous for her role in the 1963 scandal that rocked the establishment when she had an affair with the Tory cabinet minister John Profumo and a Russian diplomat at the same time at the height of the cold war.

Keeler, who had been living under the name of Sloane for many years, was briefly married twice, both ending in divorce.

The fact that Keeler had also been in a relationship with Commander Eugene Ivanov, a Russian intelligence officer, raised national security concerns.

He later admitted lying to the house and resigned.

The Profumo affair also dealt a serious blow to the Conservative government of Harold Macmillan, which lost the subsequent 1964 election to the Labor Party.

The black-and-white photograph of a naked Keeler sitting astride an Arne Jacobsen chair remains the defining image of the lurid scandal that has been retold several times on screen and stage, including as a musical.

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'I think what happened to her back in the day was quite damaging'. Chris was feisty. And she would never shy away from a fight.

It even added an expression to the British lexicon.

Stephen Ward, an osteopath, introduced society girl Keeler to Profumo in 1961, sparking an affair between the pair.

"Well, he would, wouldn't he?", responded Mandy Rice-Davies.

"The interesting thing about her is she tried to escape it", he said.

"I wish to share some sad news", he wrote.

"She said what she thought", he continued.

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