Fox in fresh talks to sell Sky stake to Disney, reports claim

How The Reported Purchase Of FOX Assets By Disney Could Save ESPN

The best character that could come out of the Marvel/Fox deal is…

Disney is reportedly closer to buying 21st Century Fox' studio and television production assets, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. What would remain at Fox includes its news and business news divisions, broadcast network and Fox sports.

CNBC's David Faber said: "The talks with Disney have gone far deeper and further and very well may result in a deal in which Disney will purchase the Fox studio [and] the Fox networks ".

21st Century Fox is looking to sell many of its properties to the highest bidder. Now the deal that looked like it would take months to complete could be done as soon as next week.

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The view is that the Murdochs favour a deal with Disney as it is likely to pose less of a regulatory risk.

We've been hearing rumors of the deal for a while now, but this is the most significant progress to date. The sale would include Fox's movie studio, cable channels and worldwide units-Sky and Star India. It's hard to know with details so sparse, but if the deal goes through (which remains a big "if"), Disney will own a regional sports empire to buttress its ESPN properties, almost 20 years after tabling plans for ESPN West. It's possible Disney simply had more money on the table.

The news has us salivating at the possibilities of an X-men/Avengers crossover and having mutants in the Marvel tv shows would be pretty damn cool. For one thing, if Disney does acquire Fox, and it sounds like it's going to happen, it would allow them to finally have access to X-Men and Fantastic Four.

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