Google Yanks YouTube From Amazon's Echo Show And Fire TV Devices

Echo Show loses You Tube support Fire TV will soon follow

Google Starts Blocking YouTube on Fire TV, Echo Show

A person familiar with Google's thinking on the matter told Engadget that a big point of contention had been the fact that Amazon implemented what was essentially a hacked version of YouTube on both the Echo Show and Fire TV. The service was initially blocked earlier this year on the Echo Show (Amazon's Alexa-enabled screen) which shipped with a custom YouTube app developed without Google involvement.

In a statement to The Verge, it's revealed there appears to be a strong conflict between Google and Amazon since the latter doesn't sell Nest products anymore and they refuse to bring Prime Video to Chromecast and/or Google Home.

In a statement aGoogle spokesperson said: "We've been trying to reach agreement with Amazon to give consumers access to each other's products and services".

Amazon's solution was largely a case of having the Show display YouTube as if it were on a desktop browser, which was far from ideal, but it seemed to make everyone happy until a better solution could be developed. "We hope we can reach an agreement to resolve these issues soon", the Google spokeswoman said.

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Google and Amazon, of course, have an interesting relationship insofar that the Google products referenced above compete directly with offerings from Amazon.

Google and Amazon have been in discussions for a long time to try and have a more mutually beneficial relationship, but it sounds like it hasn't been going well.

Three months ago, YouTube pulled its programming from Amazon's Echo Show device - the first skirmish in what is apparently an ongoing war.

Google is preventing its YouTube video service from working on Amazon's line of hardware products, raising the stakes in a rivalry between two tech giants as their businesses increasingly overlap. Neither can its Chromecast video streaming device. Fire TV owners will start seeing warnings showing up today notifying them that the app will be pulled on January 1st 2018. Similarly, Amazon Prime Video doesn't support Google's Cast feature, making it hard to get video to a big screen for Android users.

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