Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan becomes the new captain of the house

Akash Dadlani Vikas Gupta Priyank Sharma

Highlights Bigg Boss 11 Episode 65, Day 65, December 5: Puneesh Sharma, Shilpa Shinde, Hiten Tejwani, Akash Dadlani are out of the captaincy race

Now, get your calculations clear: Priyank gets Puneesh's doll, Arshi gets Shilpa's doll, Luv gets Vikas's doll, Akash has Hiten's doll, Shilpa has Priyank's pram, Hiten has Hina's pram, Vikas has Arshi's pram, Hina has Akash's doll, and Puneesh has Luv's pram.

Wednesday's episode on the Bigg Boss 11 will continue with the captaincy task in motion. Moreover, each time the contestants hear a buzzer (which is a baby cry), the baby sitters need to rush with their prams and secure a parking spot.

The second contestant to lose the task was Arshi Khan, hence, making Shilpa Shinde also out of the league. But lastly, Hiten refused to support Hina and Arshi will become the new captain of the house. Vikas tried his best to manipulate Arshi and plan blocking maximum parking slots, she did not pay heed to him. Hina clearly does not want to make Akash the captain, and when Akash tells Hina that he is not interested in being the captain, she is happy and takes it easy with the task.

He even tells Luv that the two are not friends anymore and that Tyagi should rather maintain distance from him.

Later, Hina told Vikas and Hiten that she desperately wanted to become the captain but neither was convinced. Vikas and Hiten agree with her on her face. Luv points out that he has fought with Priyank again.

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Apparently, Hina Khan did try to calm Priyank and Luv but her attempts seem to have gone in vain.

Akash was anxious at night that Arshi was crying. Luv questions Vikas, who has Luv's miniature doll, that why is he not supporting him for captaincy, and Vikas tells him that there was no guarantee. Priyank too comes to Vikas seeking help. Irritated, Arshi says, she does not care about being a captain.

Hina told Arshi, "Vikas Gupta ko ek baby-sitter chahiye". Puneesh tells Vikas and Hiten that Shilpa has taken immunity for him from Priyank.

Meanwhile, Akash is on his own trip.

Akash later, tries to sort things out between Arshi and Shilpa, but fails again. Shilpa refuses and Arshi starts hurling abuses. But people trolled her picture by posting bad comments on her pictures.

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