Did Trump's Teeth Almost Fall Out During His Historic Israel Speech?

#DentureDonald Dominates Twitter After The Daily Show Urges Its Viewers 'Not' To Tweet It

Is It In Poor Taste That 'The Daily Show' Made Fun Of Donald Trump's Dentures?

"There's nothing to it", Raj Shah, White House spokesman told NBC News and other reporters. But toward the end of the White House address, Trump began to slur parts of his speech, garbling "God bless the United States" at the end of his remarks.

When questions were raised about potential health concerns, Shah replied: "I'm saying there's nothing to it".

A clip from the president's speech on Jerusalem appeared to show him struggling to enunciate certain words and sucking in his teeth-in a move that did not go unnoticed by the Twittersphere.

Trump, in a major foreign policy shift, announced that the US would move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Noah added: "Oh man!"

Although slurring can be caused by a number of reasons, such as a stroke or brain tumor, many internet users thought Trump was trying to prevent his dentures - if he wears any - from falling out.

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"Can you imagine how Trump would feel if people started tweeting #DentureDonald?"

"By the way, there's no shame in having dentures", Noah said.

"He managed to get every word in the speech right, except the last one", Colbert said during CBS's "The Late Show".

While insisting there is no shame in wearing dentures, Noah said there is shame in Trump having dentures, because "he's vain as hell".

"I am really looking forward to this January 30". "You know what it seemed like the whole time?". But he doesn't drink, and his change in pronunciation from the beginning of his speech, which was only a few minutes long, seemed more akin to someone with an orthodontic device, like dentures, than any serious condition.

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