House Passes Resolution Condemning Myanmar Military's Atrocities Against Rohingya

An eight-month-pregnant woman gang-raped by soldiers after they decapitated her son in front of her. A victim set on

US House passes resolution condemning 'ethnic cleansing' of Rohingyas

The United Nations' High Commissioner for Human Rights says the mounting evidence of military-perpetrated atrocities against Rohingya Muslims could constitute global criminal law's most serious charge.

A Foreign Ministry official said that in earlier visits this year, Turkish first lady Emine Erdoğan and Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu had toured the makeshift Rohingya camps.

Zeid, who has described the campaign in the past as a "textbook case of ethnic cleansing", was addressing a special session of the UN Human Rights Council called by Bangladesh.

There has been widespread rape and sexual assault on Rohingya women and girls by Burmese security forces during violence against the ethnic minority in Rakhine State.

"Can anyone - can anyone - rule out that elements of genocide may be present?" he told the 47-member state forum.

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The call for a new approach to prosecutions reflects the dim prospect of charges through the International Criminal Court.

But it is considered highly unlikely that China, a major investor and trading partner for Myanmar, would agree. At the same time, Myanmar's civilian government must provide unfettered access for all humanitarian aid groups and take concrete steps towards dismantling the apartheid system that has been imposed on the Rohingya and other Muslims for decades.

Zeid said some about 626,000 Rohingya have fled since August, and many more are continuing to pour into Bangladesh.

According to Reuters, Myanmar denies committing atrocities against the Rohingya.

Bangladesh and Myanmar agreed on November 23 to start the return of Rohingya within two months.

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