Ky. lawyer on FBI's Most Wanted list captured in Honduras

FBIThe header of the FBI's wanted poster for Eric Conn

FBIThe header of the FBI's wanted poster for Eric Conn

Earlier Tuesday, FBI agents released more details about the pursuit and capture of the convicted Social Security fraudster.

Eric Conn was captured in the city of La Ceiba, according to Honduran news outlet El Heraldo. The office said the arrest was "the product of arduous intelligence, surveillance and tailing by the agents".

Conn is expected to be extradited to the USA on Tuesday, according to reports, the Honduran public magistrate's office said in a press release. The fraud reached into the hundreds of millions of dollars, mostly affecting his clients in impoverished parts of Kentucky and West Virginia, who then had to fight to try to keep their disability checks. Authorities there say they had been tracking Conn for weeks. I got a nice email from him. "He let people like my husband have trust in him, and he let that down".

Conn had been missing since June, when he removed a Global Positioning System monitoring bracelet after pleading guilty to defrauding the Social Security Administration via bribes he paid to have his clients' disability claims paid.

Griffith said Tuesday that she and colleague Sarah Carver "are relieved that Mr. Conn has been apprehended and hope that he not only serves the 12 years he has already been sentenced to but many more years".

The FBI offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to his arrest and seized bank accounts which could be used to support his flight.

Eric Conn is escorted before his extradition at the Toncontin International Airport in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. "The FBI usually gets their man", White said in a statement.

Conn was indicted in April 2016, accused of orchestrating a scheme to defraud the US government of more than $550 million.

A photo of Conn distributed by the office shows him with close-cropped, reddish-gray hair and a blue polo shirt sitting at a table, with police agents wearing ballistic vests and carrying assault rifles behind him. "Social Security." He fueled that persona with outlandish TV commercials and small-scale replicas of the Statue of Liberty and the Lincoln Memorial at his office in eastern Kentucky.

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His empire crumbled when authorities discovered he had been bribing a doctor and judge to approve disability claims based on fake medical evidence. Timothy Dye went on disability for chronic arthritis after working decades in coal mines.

White said he anticipates prosecutors will go after Conn on those charges, though he will research contesting whether the government has authority to do so. "My husband's gone through hell".

The Social Security Administration held hearings for 1,500 of his clients to see if they still merited the benefits.

"More than 800 have lost their benefits", Pillersdorf said.

The FBI had been looking for Conn for about six months.

He was spotted heading to the U.S. -Mexico border, and told news outlets he had managed to escape the U.S., but the Federal Bureau of Investigation over the summer said it doubted he'd actually left the country.

Authorities have believed Conn escaped with the help of employee Curtis Lee Wyatt.

The indictment charged Wyatt with aiding in Conn's escape and abetting Conn's failure to appear. On Wednesday, he pleaded not guilty to several new charges. The charges include conspiracy to escape, a substantive escape charge, conspiracy to fail to appear, and substantive crime for failure to appear.

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