Monster 17-Foot Python Caught in Florida Everglades

Florida Python 1

A python hunter in the Everglades snagged a 17-foot python early Friday morning setting a new record

Leon is a python hunter who recently killed a 17-foot, 1-inch Burmese python, coming in at about 132 pounds, at the Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida.

In April, Miami-Dade county launched a python elimination program that pays hunters $8.10 an hour.

The invasive Burmese python, which breeds and multiplies quickly and has no natural predator in the Everglades ecosystem, has decimated native populations of wildlife.

He described it as being able to "kill any full-grown man".

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In a video from the South Florida Water Management District, he said he "got her out, shot her right in the head while I was holding her".

District spokesman Randy Smith said the non-venomous constrictor was captured in the Everglades, about 40 miles from Miami, and brought to the district's Homestead Field Station to be measured. It then pays an extra $50 for a 4-foot snake and $25 for each additional foot beyond that.

In addition to the South Florida record, Leon also holds the state record for the largest Burmese python ever captured, from his 2013 capture of an 18-footer, the Herald reported.

A veteran python hunter from Florida has snagged a record 17-foot snake. It's ravenous appetite causes the large snakes to eat any animal they can find. It's unclear whether the two had mated. Though an avid python catcher, he doesn't advocate tackling large ones alone. With that catch, Crum had broken his own record by an inch.

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