One-third of GOP voters want someone other than Trump for 2020

Republicans Trump 2020

Number Of Americans Who ID As Republican Has Dropped 5 Points Since Election

A majority of Republicans believe President Donald Trump was justified in breaking the rules to set the country in what they believe is the right direction.

A new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute finds that 31 percent of Republicans would prefer a Republican candidate other than Trump, while 63 percent said they would prefer Trump to be the candidate.

Republicans who said they supported Trump in 2016 but are now leaning away from him are more likely to be nonwhite than any of the other voting groups.

However, what may be concerning for the president is that the survey found that only about 40 percent of Republicans comprise his base, or people who are stalwart supporters.

Hannity pointed out that dozens of House Republicans who voted to repeal Obamacare in years past voted the opposite way this year when they knew the GOP's healthcare efforts were for real and not just a political statement under former President Barack Obama.

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The survey also showed that 72 percent of white evangelicals approve of Trump's job performance so far. He stated in November that if he were in Alabama, he would "run to the polling place" to vote for a Democrat over Moore.

"When Abraham walks with God - to get all biblical here - and asks, 'What if there are just 15 or 10 good men left in the city?' The question for the Republican Party now, since they like to speak in these biblical terms, are there 10 good men left in the Republican Party?"

While many national Republicans have called on Moore to step aside in the wake of the allegations, Flake is one of the first senators to prominently show support for Moore's democratic opponent.

If this continues, or if it gets worse, it'll make 2018 and 2020 especially hard for Trump and the GOP.

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