Reversible emojis might be coming to our devices soon

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Here's another situation that would be rectified if we get the option to choose which direction your emoji faces: you're putting together another band of animals using emojis on your iPhone, but the poor snail () isn't facing the right way to play the saxophone, so you have to give it to the caterpillar instead.

Emojis are a relatively recent phenomenon that allows us to convey our feelings and words through fun images rather than words. What kind of emoji do you think we will see in the next version?

Unicode has just released the beta version of Unicode Emoji 11.0, set to be publicly released in 2018. This means that by next fall, if all the current emoji candidates from Unicode are approved, you could have roughly 130 new emojis with some or all that are reversible. The list of new iOS 12 emojis included with the blog posts is still tentative and subject to change, but there are some great inclusions that have emoji users psyched for the impending release of this brand new list. This includes a swan, a pirate flag, a party face, faces with no/afro hair, superheroes, a bagel, and a firecracker. "However, that can cause a definite change in meaning when exchanging text across platforms".

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Emoji which failed to make the cut range from a smiley face with "OK" in place of eyes, another face with question marks as eyes and a 'frowning pile of poo'. Many were happy to see that various hairstyles and hair colors (and bald emoji) were added as potential candidates to reflect the diversity in our world. The final list will be confirmed in the first quarter of next year, with a decision in January and an announcement in March. The included emoji is sure to go through several changes before the final meeting in January, so check back frequently! "The following ZWJ mechanism can be used to pick an explicit direction".

On the contrary, three other emoji's have been excluded in the 11.0 beta.

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