Who Is David Ermold? Gay Man Enters County Clerk Race After Discrimination

Gay man denied marriage license by county clerk Kim Davis to run against her

Kim Davis Denied This Guy a Marriage License, and Now He's Running for Her Job

A gay man who was denied a marriage license in Kentucky two years ago by a county clerk who refused to issue licenses for same-sex marriages will run to unseat her next year, he said on Wednesday. My commitment to Rowan County is to restore professional leadership, fairness, and responsibility to the clerk's office.

You may recall that on July 7, 2015, almost two weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing marriage equality nationwide, Ermold and his fiancé David Moore (a man he had been in a relationship with for around two decades) went to the county clerk's office in Rowan County, Kentucky to get a marriage license and - lo and behold - Davis, the thrice-divorced Christian clerk behind the counter refused to give them a license.

Ermold filed his paperwork to run at the county clerk's office where Davis now works.

He said to the Reuters: "We need someone who is going to stay focused on our community instead of focusing on the interests or agendas of outside organizations and politicians". But after same-sex marriage became legal, the state's then-Democratic governor refused to issue an executive order to remove the names of clerks from marriage licenses.

Ermold told NBC News they expected some issues but never expected the reason cited for refusing to issue the marriage license from Davis to be, "God's authority".

Davis's mother was the previous clerk, and Davis's son works in the clerk's office, as well.

Three other people have also filed to run against her. "I don't think the other candidates are looking at a larger message". But everyone should have a fair shot, it should not be something that's handed down from mother to daughter and from daughter to son.

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Ermold and Moore were married in October 2015 in the county.

Ermold and Moore, the same-sex couple was denied marriage license two years back.

He is also the leader of the local gay rights organization Morehead Pride.

"It'll be a good one, I'm sure", Davis told reporters about the election.

"I think we need to deal with the circumstances and the consequences of what happened", Ermold said. Rowan is a conservative county in a conservative state: About 58 percent of its residents voted for Donald Trump in the presidential election. He said he is exhausted of the "divide and conquer" style of politics that has come to dominate most elections, where candidates purposefully take stances to energize some voters while angering everyone else. Davis said she felt betrayed by her party and switched her registration to Republican.

Ermold's candidacy has already attracted some national attention.

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