DC Films Restructuring in the Wake of 'Justice League' Disappointment

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What should comes as no surprise, it's being reported Warner Bros.is giving the DCEU an overhaul following the disappointment of Justice League.

According to Variety, Berg will leave his advisory role but remain a producer at Warner Bros., working closely with Roy Lee (The Lego Movie, It), while Johns will stay chief creative officer at DC Entertainment, working in TV, publishing, and consumer products. The report makes no mention of Johns being DC president, and says Johns still reports to DC president Diane Nelson. Although it should be pointed out that Batman v Superman hit theaters mere weeks before Justice League began filming, so it's not like Warner Bros.re-hired Snyder after all the BvS backlash erupted-he was already deep into Justice League at that time.

In addition, it's suggested further changes include that both Jon Berg and Geoff Johns will not be receiving full producer credits on future DCEU movies like they did with Justice League.

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The only positives you can take from Variety's report is that it's believed Warner Bros. are happy to continue with the Flashpoint movie, stating that it could well be Ben Affleck's final outing as the Dark Knight, what with Matt Reeves wanting to measure up someone else for the cape and cowl for his standalone Batman movie.

While "Justice League" is the lowest-grossing DCEU (DC Extended Universe) movie at the US box-office, the same thing can not be said about it in China as it is now officially the highest-grossing DC movie ever released in the said country.

Berg's exit comes after the latest DC feature, Zach Snyder's Justice League, is underperforming at the box office, grossing $572.1 million globally to date. It's said Justice League was expected to be the answer to Marvel's The Avengers, which made $1.5 billion back in 2012. Picture Group, said it was Berg's decision to step down. Reportedly Snyder's vision for the villain Steppenwolf was recognized as "faulty" by studio executives, but only so much could be fixed during the reshoots overseen by Joss Whedon.

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