HomeKit is the latest Apple product to have a serious security flaw

Apple Fixes Home Kit Flaw That Allowed Unauthorized Smart Lock Access


According to 9to5Mac's source, the vulnerability was hard to reproduce, and allowed unauthorised control of HomeKit-connected accessories including smart lights, thermostats, and plugs. That flaw was publicly disclosed while it was still live; in the case of this HomeKit bug, it seems that 9to5Mac kept it quiet until Apple had a chance to fix it. In fact the latest is less of a bug and more of a security vulnerability which involves HomeKit and if exploited, will allow hackers to gain unauthorized control of various HomeKit-connected accessories.

The iOS update was rushed out on Saturday because of a critical need to fix a bug in iOS 11 that caused some iPhones to crash when the calendar changed to December 2. Described as "difficult to reproduce", the vulnerability would allow a hacker to take full control of any smart home device, such as smart lights, thermostats and plugs too.

The security flaw is reportedly found in the actual HomeKit framework, which various smart home products use to communicate to Apple devices. Nevertheless, the publication saw a demo of the bug, which gave the attacker remote control over an Apple HomeKit-developed smart lock.

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Apple has made a temporary fix server side, so users don't have to take any additional action themselves. The future update to iOS coming next week will apparently resolve any broken functionality. Apple has, however, remained particularly responsive over these latest issues. Earlier versions of iOS are said to be not affected. "The fix temporarily disables remote access to shared users, which will be restored in a software update early next week", Apple said in a statement to 9to5Mac.

As a side note: this latest watchOS upgrade also provides peer-to-peer payment capability through Apple Pay, but it will only work on Apple Watch when the wearable is paired with an iPhone running iOS 11.2.

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