How is Kate McKinnon's Gal Gadot impression?

Kate McKinnon's Gal Gadot Impression Could Be Her Best Yet

Kate McKinnon shows off Gal Gadot impression

In early October, Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot hosted Saturday Night Live, leaving the show's entire staff a little bit stunned, Kate McKinnon told Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday. The actress presented a Wonder Woman scholarship from Warner Bros. during The Hollywood Reporter's 2017 Women in Entertainment breakfast, held at Los Angeles' Milk Studios. McKinnon even reveals that Gadot gave her invaluable homeowner advice: "We started talking about homeownership, and she said, 'If you mortgage under 1.1, you can deduct the interest". And they came to the realization that there is a vast gulf between their worlds. She said while she and co-star Aidy Bryant were spending time with Gadot, "we were just like, oh, now we know we are Midwestern toads compared to this Mediterranean goddess". There were some gems - on topics as varied as the beach and personal finance - and they were made all the better by McKinnon's spot-on impression. She wrapped up her speech with a Frida Kahlo quote, "Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?", and said she was lucky to "be told from a young age that I have wings".

"In the case of this [film], I was playing a goat, so [the script] said "regurgitation noises" a bunch and 'goat scream, '" she said.

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McKinnon ended the interview by saying Gadot had "changed the game, flipped the script".

"Obviously I'm not from here, I'm from Alberquerque", she joked. Gadot wiped away tears while Carla spoke, with much of the room also getting emotional. After a lengthy, passionate smooch, "Wonder Woman" declared, "I'm sorry I feel nothing".

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