IDF strikes Gaza targets after rockets launched at Israel

Hamas says US Jerusalem embassy move would cross 'every red line'

The Israeli army sends additional forces to the West Bank of the Jordan river

Militants fired on Thursday makeshift rockets from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel in response to US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, eyewitnesses said.

In Hebron In the riots was attended by dozens of Palestinians.

The Belgian Ministry for Foreign Affairs has slightly adapted its travel advice for Israel, after the American President Donald Trump has acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Israeli armed forces denied live ammunition was used.

"Hamas movement is acting in a powerful manner for the launch of a new Intifada against the Israeli occupation; we need to formulate new strategies and polices to counter the threat and conspiracy against Jerusalem, against Palestine", he said. Opposing Trump's decision by emphasizing Arab violence 1) avoids condemning Israel for land theft and its plan for eternal, illegal occupation (the key point); and 2) exploits stereotypes of Muslims as mindless, violent, primitive reactionaries.

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Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, arriving in Gaza, slammed the "provocative" step that "reverses all efforts to revive the peace process, fuels the conflict and even ends the U.S. role as a peace broker".

Trump's move was denounced by prominent political figures from across the world.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said it reinforced Israel's "de facto annexation of the city Jerusalem".

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