'Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle' (NS) Versus Mode Coming Tomorrow - Trailer

Mario + Rabbids new screens

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle gets free multiplayer update

The update adds a new local Versus mode which allows you to play the game against your friends, by sharing a pair of Joy-Con controllers to fight on the battlefields.

Players will also be able to select either all-Rabbid or all-Mushroom Kingdom-based teams, unlike in the main game where players had to have Mario and at least one Rabbid on their team at all times.

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Ubisoft is challenging their Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle players to check just how sharp their skills are in the new co-op Versus mode that arrives tomorrow, December 8. You've got to be particularly strategic with the way you plan out your moves, because less is more here. "Each player has just three available actions per turn, and how you decide to invest them is a big part of the strategy here", a post on Ubiblog reads. You can stick with the all-around starter loadouts, or specialize using one of 16 unlockable variants, each with differently balanced stats and weapons. Matches can be limited to seven or ten turns if you want a quicker experience and you can even set short, medium, or long time limits on each turn. Let's not forget that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will continue to expand via the Season Pass, set to bring more single-player content in the new year!

Surprising and random bonus items are available on the battlefields, conferring additional actions, double damage or other advantages to the player who collects them.

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