Nvidia Titan V world's most powerful PC GPU launched

Nvidia launches Titan V desktop GPU to accelerate AI computation

NVIDIA Announces Monstrous TITAN V With Volta V100 GPU, 12GB HBM2, 110 TFLOPs Of Compute

In April of this year, NVIDIA ratcheted up the performance a tad with a fully unlocked Pascal GP102 core in the form of TITAN Xp, boasting a full 12 TFLOPs of compute power. Its 21.1 billion transistors are able to deliver 110 teraflops of performance, which is 9 times more than its predecessor.

But at almost $3,000 it is really aimed at developers, researchers and companies that wish to create and power AI systems that tap into the parallel processing capabilities of GPU, helping them crunch through massive amounts of data more efficiently than central processing units would. NVIDIA has included Tensor Cores that are designed for deep learning to deliver up to 9x higher peak teraflops. It doubles the energy efficiency of the previous generation Pascal design, enabling dramatic boosts in performance in the same power envelope, Nvidia claims.

Data scientists can pick up a Nvidia Titan V from the company's website as of today, with a limit of two per customer. We broke new ground with its new processor architecture, instructions, numerical formats, memory architecture and processor links", said NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. "With TITAN V, we are putting Volta into the hands of researchers and scientists all over the world.

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Officially the Titan V is considered a consumer-grade GPU, and indeed Nvidia's first HBM2-equipped "consumer" graphics offering, but obviously it isn't aimed at your typical PC user (if anything will give you a clue about that, it's the three grand price tag). However, the TITAN is clearly a workstation card this time around, with the main focus being on pushing forward AI development and machine learning. It also packs 4608K L2 cache and 12GB of 1.7Gbps (850MHz) clocked HBM2 memory on a 3072-bit memory interface.

The Titan V will be supported by the Nvidia GPU cloud which includes within it many HPC tools and deep learning frameworks. "I can't wait to see their breakthrough discoveries", Huang said. Instead, the TITAN V is priced at $2,999 and is available right now from the NVIDIA store.

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