White House: Trump's slurred speech was caused by a dry throat

The President grabbed for a bottle of water during a Nov. 15 speech

The President grabbed for a bottle of water during a Nov. 15 speech

To many on the internet, it appeared as if the president was struggling to prevent his dentures, if he uses any, from falling out.

President Donald Trump will undergo a physical at the beginning of 2018 and the results will subsequently be released, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders announced Thursday.

The mystery behind the president's slurred words caused quite a ruckus on social media. "There's nothing to it", White House spokesman Raj Shah told the Los Angeles Times.

Shah, pressed on the health concerns, dismissed suggestions the slurring signaled a deeper problem. "A lot of times these rooms are very hot, like saunas, and I guess that is a form of exercise and, you know?"

"Trump's false teeth so unhappy with his Jerusalem speech they summarily tried to fly out of his mouth", a user wrote.

However, it wasn't Trump's words that became the focus of attention during the important speech.

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"The President is perfectly healthy; he's been working in meetings all day and in fact is still here working now", the official said. "God bless the Palestinians, and God bless the United States", but the mangling of the last phrase of the sentence was clearly noticed by viewers, who started theorizing if the president may have been wearing dentures or some other form of dental prosthetics.

"It seemed like someone hit him with a blow dart just before he went out to make the speech". But the pronunciation of those words appeared to slur.

"By the way, there's no shame in having dentures", Noah said.

"Because he's vain as hell", Noah said.

So Trump just either had his dentures fall out during a speech, or had a stroke on live television. "I really enjoy doing it", Trump said. "We're live when Trump addresses a joint session of Congress for the "Shshh" of the Union".

"I knew he had a screw loose, we didn't know he had a tooth loose", Corden said on "The Late Late Show" on CBS.

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