White house states that Trump's slurred words were caused by dry throat!

WH Pushes Back on 'Ridiculous' Health Questions Following Trump's 'Slurred Speech'

Sarah Sanders Just Explained Why Trump Was Slurring His Words During A Speech

Sanders said that questions about the president's health were "ridiculous" and that he was only suffering from a dry throat during a speech on Wednesday when he had difficulty speaking.

"There were a lot of questions on that". Frankly pretty ridiculous questions.

President Barack Obama's first physical record was released on February 28, 2010.

Questions have been raised around why Donald Trump slurred his speech during an address announcing the United States would recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It led viewers to suggest the President may have suffered a medical problem, the Independent reported. The spokeswoman said, "those records will be released by the doctor following that".

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President Trump, 71, forwent tradition during the presidential campaign a year ago when he chose not to disclose detailed medical records. In December 2015, Trump's campaign released a remarkable letter from Dr. Harold Bornstein - the son of Trump's longtime physician, Jacob Bornstein - attesting to the candidate's vigor.

Trump shared his clean bill of health on Facebook, writing that he is "fortunate to have been blessed with great genes". The moment was quickly shared online, and prompted speculation about the 71-year-old president's health.

Trump has frequently touted his oral health in the past.

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