WWE 205 Live Star Arrested, Updated With Police Report Details

WWE Superstar Rich Swann Arrested for Kidnapping and False Imprisonment

WWE's Rich Swann arrested on false imprisonment, battery allegations

Swann is a WWE star who is listed on the organization's website as a top competitor in the Cruiserweight Division.

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Rich Swann has been suspended from WWE.

Professional wrestler Rich Swann was arrested late Saturday following a fight with his wife, who also is a wrestler, according to a police report.

Swann was driving a vehicle and apparently began critiquing Riggs' performance at a wrestling show, earlier in the night.

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For his part, Swann apparently told police that he did not touch Riggs, and only went after her after she left the auto due to her phone Global Positioning System containing the directions home. While she said she did not want to get back in the vehicle, Swann is said to have grabbed Riggs by her arm then around her neck, putting her in a headlock and dragging her back to the auto, pushing her back into the vehicle. Wit 2 saw the Def get out of the auto while it was still moving and chase after the Vic. She said she was trying to get away from him because she was scared that their argument would escalate into physical violence. The vehicle continued to roll until it hit a telephone pole. Witnesses said that Swann didn't put the vehicle in park, and it continued to roll as he chased Riggs, resulting in the auto hitting a telephone pole.

Swann said he didn't physically touch her and just wanted to get home, because her phone had the Global Positioning System on it. They got married in March of 2017.

The current charges Swann is facing are battery and kidnapping/false imprisonment of an adult which are pretty serious offenses.

There's now no word on how the WWE will be handling the Rich Swann situation; he'd been an active member of the 205 Live roster since its inception, and many felt he was working his way back into title contention.

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