OnePlus 5T is Unable to Support HD Streaming from Popular Apps

The OnePlus 5T is unable to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Video in HD

OnePlus 5T not able to play HD content on Netflix, Amazon Prime ...

Given that these smartphones from OnePlus support Widevine Level 3 now, it is unable for users to stream videos in HD from these popular apps mentioned above. DRM refers to Digital Rights Management, which is used to restrict the use of particular hardware or copyrighted content.

A future update for the 5T will enable Widevine Level 1, but did not elaborate on why it was omitted from the start.

The 5T is now certified for the L3 security level of Google's Widevine DRM regulation which blocks playing back content in high definition. This is needed for DRM protected streaming services. Considering Netflix and Amazon Video are popular streaming services, and users prefer watching videos in high-definition, not having level 1 DRM is a major drawback of OnePlus smartphones.

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The situation was pointed out by several users in a thread on the OnePlus forums. However, what remains missing on both the smartphones is a support for viewing HD videos on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The OnePlus 5T, with stellar specifications like 6GB RAM, a Snapdragon 835 processor, and a full-HD (1080p) display, is more than capable of handling HD streams from video streaming platforms as far as specifications are concerned. It is rather astonishing as to why OnePlus, now a big name in the mobile phone market, missed out on such an essential feature in a flagship smartphone.

But, it did not respond to why the company failed to undertake proper regulatory procedure for flagship phones and also when the software update will be released to fix the issue. The company has apparently confirmed that this is something that will be added to the handset later on.

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