IMac Pro details and release date come into focus

The iMac Pro is the most powerful Mac ever

The iMac Pro is the most powerful Mac ever

The iMac Pro's specs are outrageous, and so is the price tag.

It also looks lovely, combining the all-in-one neatness of traditional iMacs with the sleek, professional looks of its high-end Mac Pro. Apple confirmed today that the all-in-one iMac Pro will be available starting December 14, and it will have a starting price of $4,999 (which was previously known). "iMac Pro is a huge step forward and there's never been anything like it". The base model of the iMac Pro boasts an 8-core Intel Xeon processor, but you can get 10 or 18 cores if you are willing to spend more.

Surprise! Along with the already announced 18-core iMac Pro, a 14-core model will be available, too. While we find it hard to imagine what exactly you'd add on to this already extremely impressive machine, there are apparently opportunities to upgrade the computer even further. The cherry on top? The HiRise Pro comes in what the company calls "Gunmetal steel" that looks well matched to Apple's space gray finish. Magic Trackpad 2 input is supported, but you'll have to buy that separately. This is a pretty sweet system for video pros, with three major caveats. If 8GB memory isn't enough for the GPU, you can get it configured with 16GB instead.

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Photographer Vincent LaForet tested a 10-core version of the machine had lots of kind things to say about the new iMac, stating, "I found a very consistent set of results: "a 2X to 3X boost in speed (relative to my current iMac and MacBook Pro 15") a noticeable leap from most generational jumps that are generally ten times smaller".

Third, the iMac Pro obviously makes the most sense for the Apple faithful, especially those who have fully embraced FCP X. For PC users running Adobe software, there are plenty of workstation hardware options that can give Apple a run for its money.

Second, the other shoe has yet to drop with regard to Apple's plans for the Mac Pro, an all-new redesign of which is supposedly underway.

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